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Dynamic Gallery


A brand new picture gallery for you and your members

Dynamic GalleryA brand new picture gallery for you and your members.
Create albums and categorize, show member-albums, keep member-albums private if you wish or search for a specific picture.

Sort pictures by just pick them up and drag them to their place they belong. Show pictures by their popularity.
Allow members to download the fully quality picture. Rate pictures and comment them or even report a picture. Admin and moderator get notified on reported and uploaded pictures.

Versie: 3.1.2

  • phpBB versie: 3.2.0 en hoger
  • Installeer tijd: Ongeveer 5 minuten
  • Moeilijkheidgraad: Gemakkelijk
  • Laatst geupdate: Saturday 21 October 2017
  • Bestellen: Hier

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